1. Websites

There are many useful websites for the budding entrepreneur and the following are the ones that I enjoy reading; some have great podcasts, others have useful documents available to download and some are just full of great tips.

Be careful though, as they’re both addictive and inspiring! Many of these authors provide an excellent service through the provision of useful information for free and I see little need to pay to become a member  of other sites that essentially provide similar material

1. Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income – my number one site. Pat interviews entrepreneurs and gets to the bottom of what they do and how they do it. He also earns a substantial income from his sites and has recently created a niche website to show how the various techniques can be used to generate both traffic and income from a standing start.

2. Andrew Warner’s Mixergy – similar to Pat Flynn in that Andrew interviews entrepreneurs and runs courses to help show the techniques and methods to build successful businesses

3. Carlie Hamilton’s Sproutspire – Can be difficult to navigate (!) but has some excellent documents including a great guide to SEO and web marketing

4. Sarah Arrow’s Sarkemedia – this lady pumps out some superb content and is very prolific on Twitter which is used to great effect to drive traffic to her site

You can also find me browsing the following sites:   Excellent coverage on landing pages  Strong marketing content full of marketing advice  Lean Startup considered the father of internet marketing with excellent posts, books and podcasts

2. Tools

There is usually a tool available for any particular job you may need to do and the following are the ones I currently use.

evernote-logo Evernote

Super resource for capturing all manner of information. I use it principally to capture great content off the web so that I neither lose it or forget it. Use the Evernote widget as a tool on your browser to capture pages as required. Also useful for creating pages to record your own specific  information (FTP details, Action lists, email addresses, etc). Notes can be saved to specific ‘Notebooks’ and tags can also be set

quora-logo Quora – website for asking questions on any topic (especially entrepreneurial and marketing) and getting detailed, comprehensive responses from experts

kindle Kindle – great for reading downloaded documents simply by emailing them to your Kindle account

KeynoteIcon Keynote – prefer to Powerpoint – great for wireframes and presentations


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