Hi, I’m Mark and I live in the north west of England (8 miles south of Old Trafford). I’ve been in IT for longer than I care to remember but I’m not a techie. I specialise in IT Service Management consultancy and that’s the last I mention of my 9-5 job.

My wife (who has a horse) and I run a business that sells horseboxes as well as hires them out. The business has been running since mid 2013 and doesn’t do too badly given that we don’t devote all our time to it. However, I now have an idea for a ‘software as a  service’ internet business which would allow owners of stables to logon and manage all aspects of their business. I’m at the stage (early 2014) where the idea needs to be validated before the heavy investment of time and money is required to make it happen.

Where possible, I plan to adopt the ‘lean startup’ principles that result in a ‘minimum viable product’ that I can take to market with warts and all and then refine and enhance it based on customer feedback. This is different to the traditional approach of hiding away in an ivory tower where the aim is to produce the complete product perfectly adapted to its environment and requiring no further investment before delivering it to the customers. This approach simply doesn’t work as well these days due to the intense capital and logistics required to deliver it.

I want to use this blog to record my thoughts, actions and progress as I strive to make it happen. It’s also quite cathartic to order my thoughts and set them down for all to see. If nothing else, it forces me to think clearly about the purpose of the prose and whether it’s written for me or the audience. Simply by writing it down, I’ve already realised that the blog helps me to consider and organise the workload and prioritise the various workstreams required.

One of the further benefits is that the blog may even attract an audience who can help further by commenting and providing feedback on various posts. I may not always agree with the comments but I welcome a healthy debate, especially if I can learn something along the way

Note all the photography on the site has been taken by myself so please respect copyright and don’t pinch images!


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