Project Plan

Action plan to deliver the solution

Objective – rollout out ‘Software as a  Service’ to Riding Schools, Equestrian Centres and Liveries to allow them to better manage their business.

The software will be accessible via a logon to a secure website where the administration for the stables can be carried out. The software will allow reports to be produced, appointments and schedules to be maintained and emails to be issued.

The plan for implementation can be broken down into 4 specific workstreams:

  1. Software Design and Development
  2. Website 
  3. Marketing
  4. Business support

Each workstream will have its own specific list of activities that must be carried out with a series of dependencies between the workstreams. These dependencies will form part of the critical path and will require effective management to ensure the workstreams remain aligned. For example, there’s no point in developing the software unless the website is being built in similar timescales.

Amongst the numerous imponderables is how long this will take to deliver. Whilst, for example, Dean Maxwell’s Foundation works on a 6 month timeline from concept to implementation, I think it will take that long just to confirm the requirements, especially as the day job will get in the way and prevent me contacting people in office hours.

I’m therefore going to give myself 12 months to deliver this to the first paying customer which should be just in time for Spring and the opportunity for the customers to adopt and learn the system before the peak season in 2015


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