Hello World!

Hello, this blog is my way of recording the steps I’m taking to create a new software product for the horsey world. I plan to use it to capture the steps I’m taking, the actions I need to think about and the resources that I’m using to make it happen.

Hopefully, it will act as an educational journey for others who wish to do the same thing. The problem today is that there is too much information about setting up and running internet businesses, so much so that the sheer volume of data tends to overwhelm with conflicting ideas of what works and what doesn’t, what order things should be done in, etc

I’ve read many websites and listened to as many, if not more, podcasts on the subject of creating and implementing a viable internet business and I realised that unless i just got on with it, I’d never actually deliver anything. That’s not to say that the information gathered has not been useful because it undoubtedly has, its just that there’s always another article, another website, another tweet that grabs your attention and causes you to go and read and absorb its contents.

I think I now understand what needs to happen, the process to follow and the priorities I need to put in place; I’ll continue to allow myself to be distracted by more gurus but their input should now be of the tweak it rather than fundamentally change the selected approach

So stick with me on this journey, it should be interesting!


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